Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are - Part 2

"The other Girls"

This is the rest of our animal kingdom

She looks pretty happy with herself. She loves this orange blanket in her basket, in fact if the other dog's in there and then happens to move out, she'll sneak in just to get back to it.
She was a "give away" by a couple who'd had her to produce puppies. Disgusting I know, but when she was past her use by date, they wanted her out. So we took her and boy, are we glad we did! She was about 7, or so they thought, when she came to live with us, and has been with us now for 6 years. She's feeling her age now though so we just make sure she gets whatever she needs and always keep her nice and warm.

This one loves the feel of wind blowing in her face. She's part Tibetan Spaniel and they were used by the monks, not only to warm their beds, but to keep watch and warn of impending attack. They're great watch dogs, not fighters... apparently that was left to other dogs who would then attack. Or so I've read.

I got her from the Lost Dog's home 3 years ago and while she's had some "issues", she's also a wonderful, loving and loyal girl. While she loves us both and is always ready for a cuddle from either of us, she absolutely adores my husband. As far as she's concerned, he belongs to her and she belongs to him and that's the end of it.

Quite often, we find her sitting in the front garden, facing the street, just sitting, observing. Making sure nothing gets past her

Then there's this girl, the oldest in the group. She's going on 19 now and still going strong!

I found her while driving to work early one morning. She can be cantankerous at times, but as she's got older she's also become more affectionate. Funny that. Until a few years back she'd had me all to herself, apart from another cat I had...but then I introduced her to the dogs and a new partner, and amazingly she's coped quite well. I think she thought if she didn't she'd get left behind.

It's been a bit like a retirement home here these past couple of years and we know the next couple of years are going to bring with them much sadness, but, we'll just have to focus on how wonderful they've all been and how lucky we were to have them.

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