Friday, August 21, 2009

Nearly Spring

It's almost Spring in Melbourne, but it's been such a dry and mild Winter that everything is a bit confused...and has started budding up early

The dark pink Magnolia tree in front of our bedroom window is always beautiful, but has suffered this season, because of the drought.

It's usually looking much more lush at this time of year. Unfortunately, it's still feeling the affects of the stress it went through last Summer, where the temperature got to over 46 degrees at our place. For my friends in the USA, that translates to around 115 degrees.

It's still extremely beautiful though

I'd love a dress in this colour

This is a viburnum that's planted on a front corner of the house, right next to the Magnolia. I'm not sure which Viburnum it is, there are so many. But it has a gorgeous scent.

It's also looking a little sparse because of the drought, but it also needs a good "haircut", so that will be done once it's stopped flowering

In fact this is the best show of flowers we've ever had from this bush, so maybe it didn't mind the heat last Summer.


  1. Hi Lesley,

    Your Magnolia trees out the front of your bedroom are gorgeous, and I think you are right, that colour would look fab in a dress, Viburnum still looks stunning even though our weather has been all over the place, dose it have a sweet scent to this one? I can remember.


  2. Magnolia trees are just beautiful and what a wonderful tree to have in front of your home. I forgot all about them I feel a trip to the garden centre coming on. There is a bare patch in my back garden and a Magnolia would be perfect. Thanks for the post. Cavania London

  3. Thanks Kirstie, I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for some fabric in that glorious colour.

    Karen, A magnolia would be perfect to complement your gorgeous new shed. I look forward to seeing some interior shots when you have the wallpaper and chandelier up.


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