Monday, August 17, 2009

House hunting

I had a really nice experience at the weekend....I met a fellow blogger who was on a house hunt in our area.

Kirstie was on her way to check out a house not far from us, and decided to use a few spare minutes to have a look at houses in the she drove up our street and saw the magnolia trees in our front yard... In fact she liked them so much she's included a photo of it on her blog, here

It was lovely meeting you Kirstie, I hope the house hunting is successful!

I love looking at houses...especially old ones that need some TLC...I especially love weatherboard fact, each house I've owned has been weatherboard and each has needed "work".

Some of them "major" work!

But that's the fun. The transformation from comfy home. While it can be a lot of hard work, it's always extremely satisfying seeing what you've been able to achieve.

This photo is not the best quality as I took it on my mobile phone when my camera was out of action. It's our loungeroom and it's just been re-plastered. It looks through to the kitchen and dining room and still needs the final sand by the plasterer and of course, painting, which I have now finished.

It's been painted in Antique White USA, in fact all of the house is painted in that tone of white with white ceilings and white trim...very fresh and very clean.

This is still the lounge, prior to the final sand and the painting...and of course the floors being cleaned yet again...


  1. I have discovered you through Kirstie. I love old houses too! We have redone a few also. They are a lot of work but, so worth it in the end!I love your hard wood floors they are gorgeous! I will be back to visit. Traci

  2. Thanks for visiting Traci...nice to meet you. I love old places too...they're fantastic! So much hard work, but oh so much promise!

  3. Thank you Lesley for those kind words.... well I must say that weatherboard house I went to see that day needed a major lot of work, but still could see the end result....would love to buy this one, but for what they where asking for blow our budget abit then not to mention 70k reno on top....I guess thats the price you pay for the worst house on the bestg street, hmmmmmmm :(

    And I do hope we get to see the end result of your loungeroom, now that it is finished.

    Once again it was lovely to meet you, and will be popping in again to see I mean.


  4. I grew up in a house that I can't remember ever not being renovated and it's probably still being renovated to this day, lol! Beautiful house... anyway, I'm starting to panic about building a new home... then again, it has to start with someone. Hopefully in 10, 20, 100? years someone will see the potential in our home. :)


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