Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peace and Serenity

A few years back, a group of us bought a property at a place called Bonnie Doon, which was made famous by an Aussie movie by Working Dog called "The Castle".
This is the view from our front door.

The main character, Darryl Kerrigan, had a holiday shack at Bonnie Doon, which in the film, showed him roaring across a very healthy looking lake in his small boat. Unfortunately, after many years of drought, that lake is now looking more like a paddock and farmers have had their livestock grazing on it.

This is the view we're greeted with when sitting on the deck on the back of the house

Anyway, there was a shed on the block originally. That was it. No water, no power. Just a wood heater to keep us warm. The group has been working hard though, to make it a little more comfortable, so a couple of bedrooms have been added and there is now a generator and running water from a small tank.

The low cloud covering the gully makes the landscape look quite magic and as if it's covered in snow

As the morning got older, the fog moved up the hill and enveloped the house. It passed pretty quickly and cleared to a magnificent sunny, clear day

Bonnie Doon was in the news more recently when it was revealed that convicted drug trafficker and underworld figure, Tony Mokbel had hid out there before he escaped to Greece. He's now back in jail in Australia.

One of the locals saw a business opportunity and had T-Shirts made up.

The slogans read: "Bonnie Doon - The Perfect Hideaway" ...and "There is no Purana in Bonnie Doon". The police task force that was investigating the underworld activities in Victoria is called "Purana"......and their investigations continue... and yes, they do get their men and women


  1. What beautiful photos! The boonie doon looks like a special place to relax and unwind! Traci

  2. Thank you Traci, I'm glad you like the photos. It is a beautiful place and the views are magnificent. It is a very relaxing place: No telephone, no TV, just lots of books, plenty of good wine and great food


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