Friday, August 7, 2009

A slow process

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I love food. I love entertaining...and I love a nice table. This one is just about perfect. It's classic but also a bit casual. Not too overdone. It's how I like to think my dining room would look, if I actually took the time to set the table with a cloth (linen of course) instead of placemats.

I think there's nothing better than sharing food with a group of friends. Watching them laugh and talk and drink while sitting around the table eating food I've prepared. It's just about the best time you could have I think.

Anyway, speaking of food......

For the past couple of months, I've been on a weight loss expedition. I hate the word journey. It's a very slow process though.....a couple of hundred grams here...a couple more the following week.

I started this task when a trip to the doctor revealed my blood pressure had climbed dramatically. It was the first time I'd ever recorded high blood pressure and it was a bit of a shock, not just for me but my doctor, who proceeded to take it again, just to make sure

Anyway, it was decided I should lose weight. A considerable amount of weight in fact. Say around 20-25 kilograms. That's a bloody lot!

So I began the task. I already drag myself to 2 workouts a week and I also do a session of pilates, but now the pressure is really on... a change of diet, a few sessions on the treadmill, fewer glasses of vino. HUH?!

The total weight loss so far is 5.9 kilograms. This week, the scales showed I'd lost 400 grams. Last week, it was 200 grams, the week before 300.

It's a very slow process and at this rate I should reach my goal weight by about...oh, maybe Christmas 2010.

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