Monday, November 8, 2010

Bedroom Love

As you know, MONT and I are renovating our bedroom and I thought I'd post a few photos of beautiful boudoirs that have caught my eye over the past couple of years.

Sometimes, achieving a balance can be tricky. It can't be too "girly" because we both have to feel comfy in there ...but it can't be too bland either.

I rather like, I LURV this, but MONT can't stand wallpaper, so that's a no-no.

This is nice but a little stark and not really practical when you have a black and white cat and two enthusiastic dogs

This is simple and livable and looks like a bedroom that would be very comfy.

...and this is extremely "white". A little too white for us perhaps.

Then there are these two beauties. I found them on a blog called A View on Design and they're from a house in Queensland that's up for sale. I absolutely love the grey walls and polished floorboards.

...and the two toned curtains are sensational!

Decisions, decisions....What I do know about our bedroom is this: It'll have polished floorboards and white trim. But after seeing this gorgeous grey, I can't be sure which way I'm going to go colour-wise on the walls...

Image 1. This is Glamorous
Image 2. Ideal Home-UK
Image 3. Unknown
Image 4. Phoebe Howard
Image 5. New England home
Image 6 & 7. via A View On Design

If you've come across any other photographs of beautiful bedrooms that have caught your eye, I'd be interested in seeing them too.


  1. It is a tough choice. I am going with the ones from the house in Queensland. It is gorgeous and I have it saved in my ideas file. Have fun choosing. ;-)

  2. Hi, just found your lovely blog from Tinas blog, you have some very beautiful inspiration for your bedroom! I agree about achieving that male/female balance! Can make things very tricky!!
    have a fabulous day,
    Laura c xx

  3. I love the 'simple livable' bedroom or the ones from the Queensland house - they seem to have a nice balance and aren't too feminine or too bland. Have a great start to your week x

  4. Jenny, I love those rooms from the Qld house. They are timeless aren't they?

    Hi Laura and welcome. Decor can be tricky but I will plough on and introduce little "girly" touches hereand there that MONT will learn to appreciate. haha.

    Amanda, you're right, balance is very important when putting any room your veggie garden by the way.yummo

  5. It's a difficult decision isn't it? Lyn and I were talking about it last night and while our bedroom makeover is a while off at least he has agreed that some wallpaper is probably ok. I agree, it's about finding that balance between boring and too girly.

  6. Sarah, if I hung wallpaper in any part of the house, it would be instant divorce!

    Not sure why he dislikes it so, but I can live with painted walls, at least then if I get tired of the colour I can just paint them again

  7. What is with boys & wallpaper Lesley. Like MONT, MOTH says I'd be communicating with him via the Family Court if I was EVER to try it here @ The Hedge! How good will it will when your gorgeous boudoir is complete!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Millie, I'm not exactly sure, but when I made a casual mention of wallpaper, MONT put on his best country music twang and started singing D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

    That's what I'm up against.


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