Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little colour in the garden

Let's get out of the chaos that is our bedroom renovation for a day, at least, and head into the garden.

I'm not sure why, but lately, I seem to be leaning away from my usual white on white on cream...towards a bit of blue, a smidge of lilac and a hint of mauve.

I bought some roses a few weeks ago and am really happy (so far) with the way they're going. This one was on sale and looking a bit sad, so it came home with me. I hope that dark pink colour fades a bit!

This is how it should look.
I also bought some bare rooted roses on-line and they were delivered in just a couple of weeks!

I've bought roses on-line before, but this time round I decided to try  Magic Garden Roses and I was not disappointed!  I placed my order and they called me a couple of days later just to let me know they still had the ones I wanted in stock and they would take a couple of weeks to get out to me as it was right at the end of the season. No Worries!

I got 2 Blue Moons and a Blue Bijou...unfortunately their little buds haven't broken through yet but they will soon be greeting the sun and will look lovely.

Hope the rest of your Wednesday is splendiferous!


  1. Beautiful! Delbard is a good variety, my mum has one that grows so vigorously. Blue Moon is beautiful as well. I have a beautiful mauve one out in my garden at the moment _ I just can't think of it's name but it's the one in my little pic (avatar). Sometimes it's almost a greyish colour which sounds yuck but is beautiful :)

  2. Sarah I love the colour of the rose you have in your avatar. It is almost that greyish colour...beautiful! Can't wait for all the Blue Moons to come out...


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