Thursday, November 25, 2010

Look at this....

Isn't this room gorgeous? Leigh posted it on her beautiful blog, Brabourne Farm and when I saw it I thought "YES"!!!

This could be our bedroom, or at least, our version of this .

I'm not that keen on having a bath in my boudoir and MONT would not, under any circumstances, allow a chandelier in there either. But the white, the timber floor, the airiness, the curtains and light....they all add up to LOVELY!

Thanks for posting this's given me more inspiration and hope of getting our bedroom "right"

The first sanding and coat of clear gloss went on the floors yesterday, the second is coming this morning...and I have to say it's all looking rather clean and shiny.


  1. The white, airiness and natural elements with floor and furniture is stunning. Speaking my language here!

  2. That is a lovely image to work with. It is very serene. xx

  3. What a gorgeous bedroom. I love the floors and the high ceilings as well as the beautiful light from the windows. It is a lovely inspiration. xx

  4. I agree, its a gorgeous airy and fresh bedroom to retreat in. As I am looking at updating our master also, I have looked at the 'French Grey' tones. But I have decided on a duck egg blue and maybe a chandelier?! Your walls are coming along nicely - and I love Antique White USA. Cant wait to see it all done.
    Rebecca x


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