Thursday, November 4, 2010

Renovation Challenge #1

I mentioned recently that old houses always present challenges when you renovate or change them in any way...and this place is certainly no different!

Trying to get the right size floorboards for the large gap in the bedroom floor is a case in point...

I called a second hand floorboard supplier three weeks ago to get the 80mm Tassie Oak boards I need. I've bought floorboards from them before and yes, they had plenty in, they're all gone. Sold Out!

I've just spent the entire morning calling every second hand timber supplier I could find, but with no luck, then Eureka! I found one on the other side of town who will mill down their larger boards to 80mm. I've just taken a sample over there to make sure the tongue and groove matches up with what they have in stock....Lucky I did! Fortunately they can mill it to fit and will have it ready by tomorrow afternoon.


Now to the problems I'm having sourcing a length of bedroom cornice that is no longer manufactured...but that's another annoying and frustrating story!


  1. Ah the fun and games that comes with renovating!!

  2. Amanda, it's been a REALLY testing day, I can tell you!

  3. Oh gosh, ye, we had that problem in our lounge and ended up buying a table saw so we could cut them ourselves! I like that you have Tas Oak, that's what we have, of course!
    Hmm, can't offer any advice about the cornice, that's a bummer :)

  4. We are also going to have to match tassie oak floor boards and and 1950's cornice profile when we extend our weatherboard cottage and master to put in an ensuite and I believe that a place in Croydon Victoria called Croydon Plaster moulding will match and make cornice etc....

  5. Life is full of little challenges and you seem to be meeting each one head on!

  6. Oh the joys of renovating. Good luck with it all Melbourne Girl!

  7. OH NO, that sounds like my luck. I love that you want to keep it original materials.


  8. Thats what I love about old houses, there is always another surprise awaiting. start one project and it without fail always leads to another. Thats why we havent started on the ensuite yet!!

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments girls....I always love hearing from you.

    Sarah, tassie oak is lovely isn't it...that glorious honey colour. I love it, it's just a shame the 80cm wide boards are so rare and hard to find.

    Candlewick, Croyden Plaster is really good for things like that, and I have contacted them as I've used their designs before, but for the short length we need, it'd cost an arm and a leg to have it made and would be cheaper to get the entire room re-done. Unfortunately!

  10. oh and meant to mention but you most likely you already know about: Ringwood Demolition. 932 Mountain Hwy.Bayswater. 9720 7555
    Not a huge range but ok!

  11. Alicia, thank you. Actually I think that's the place I bought my french doors from, can't be 100% certain, but it sounds familiar.
    Thanks again for the tip


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