Thursday, November 11, 2010

Which Grey ?

Finding the "right" colour for your home can be problematic, because making a decision based on a small colour card can be a long, difficult process.

Right now, the interior of Number 10 is painted in Dulux: Antique White USA. The ceilings are plain white and all the trim: the doors, window frames, architraves and skirting boards are white as well. I opted for AW-USA because a friend had painted her lounge in that colour and I could see how it looked on a large scale at different times of the day and in different lights. Perfect. Basic. Clean. Simple.

But it's going to be a different story for our bedroom....or at least that's my plan at this moment.

After seeing the photos here of the Queensland house that's up for sale, I started thinking about painting the bedroom grey...but which one?

I went to my local Bristol store today to get some colour samples and I bought a small pot of a colour called QUARRY, but I fear it may be a little dark. Half strength may be better. I also checked out Harbour Mist as well as some other greys (dawn frost, imperial mist, mountain peak) from other brands...but WHICH ONE ? ?  Do I go for a cool or warm grey? What will look best with white? ...and which one am I least likely to tire of in a couple of weeks?

Anyone have a favourite grey I could try? I'm open to suggestions.


  1. I love LOVE LOVE Pebbledash by Nippon Paints. We used it full strength in our dining can see pics on my blog! I also used it in our toilet, and as stripes in our front hall. It's very likely we will use it double strength on the exterior of our house also.
    If you would like to see it in person, feel free to contact me...I don't think I live that far from you!

  2. Rosie, thanks so much!!! I'll get a paint sample and give it a go on a wall in the bedroom to see how it looks. Your dining room looks terrific by the way!!

  3. Yes that gorgeous Queenslander is making me rethink the colour in our bedroom too. I will be watching to see what you go with. ;-)

  4. Jenny, that house is divine isn't it..."sigh"

    I love it so much I even emailed the agent to see if they knew what colour it was...cheeky I know, but one can only try.

  5. We moved into a white weatherboard cottage a year ago and I loved the master because it was painted in this Wattyl ID alabaster and we loved it so much we repainted in the same colour. It is the most beautiful grey and seems to go with our decor of white and pale blue and polished floors very well.

  6. Thanks Candlewick, that's terrific, I'll check that colour out too. It's going to be an interesting process which, if it takes too long, I can see myself resorting to my usual AW-USA again


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