Friday, November 19, 2010

Party Time ! !

I would have to be one of the luckiest (and richest) people in the entire world ! !

In the past week alone, I've received emails telling me I've won millions of dollars in various postcode, suburb, email and Microsoft lotteries....Not to mention the people, mostly bank executives from Nigeria and various parts of Africa, imploring me to contact them so they can pass on gazillions of dollars they have left over from their institutions.

Then there's the cancer stricken Nanna from the UK who wants to leave me all of her money as well...I mean, is that the most amazing and luckiest thing you've ever heard of?

Yep, I'll be soaking in it soon...

Let's party people!


  1. How funny is that image you found, so appropriate. Have a fun weekend. ;-)

  2. Hmmm all I can think is two things firstly it's Abba - money, money, money, always sunny, in a rich man's world; and secondly, did I tell you I was taking donations to get my scary light situation remedied?

  3. Haaaa...I'm thnking once all this cash arrives, I might splurge and pay off everyone's mortgage, address the federal defecit, throw the biggest party anyone's ever seen, and I'm betting there'll still be more than enough left over for a lengthy holiday for MONT and me in Paris.


  4. Hi Melbourne Girl....
    I really liked this post...and loved your sense of humour. I've been wondering what to do with my overflowing riches too. Thanks for your advice!!


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