Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday progress.....

The final coat of gloss is going on the bedroom floor as I type... but I thought I'd show you how it's looking so far.

This is after the second coat and MONT and I are really happy with the way the floor's turned out, especially seeing I had to go through all that hassle to find floorboards to match so they could be "slotted" in with the old ones. You can see the difference in colour up in the corner. But once the bed and bedside tables go in, you won't even know.

Yep...really happy.

...and here's a little Friday flower...inspiration from Sarah at Molly's Maison..

MONT picked it from our garden last night. It's the first gardenia to bloom on our bush out back....the perfume is amazing!

Have a great Monday I should be able to show you some more progress...fingers crossed


  1. We are still in Thursday and our Thanksgiving holiday. Your room is looking lovely!!!


  2. It looks great, nearly time to zhush! ;-)

  3. Getting closer!! I bet there's dust in every nook and cranny imaginable...

  4. Thanks Teresa, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I can't wait for the floor to be dry so I can walk in there and open the windows! The smell is absolutely mind blowing!

    Jenny, I can't wait to start's going to be a lot of fun

    Brismod, you are absolutely spot on! There is plaster and timber dust everywhere...I'm not a huge fan of housework, but I'm going to have to get stuck into this in a big way.


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