Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sincere apologies - A Winner!!

Finally.....Time to announce the winner of my little giveaway

I have to apologise for the delay in the announcement, but I had to travel interstate for work and then as soon as I got home, we had to pack up for our annual holiday to the beach....

... also throwing a spanner in the works... we got burgled last week which means I am no longer able to photograph anything as my precious canon camera and all of it's bits and pieces were taken. Basically, we were cleaned out of all of our "small"stuff. Not pleasant I can tell you!

So, here we go...

Thank you for all of your comments...and your patience....I put all the names in a little jar down here in our old trusty caravan, got MONT to draw out the winner...and that is:


Please email me your address and I'll post of your lovely prize, which was one of the first things I packed in the car...

Thanks again for all of your comments...I'm hoping to have another little giveaway on a similar theme again soon.

Take care everyone


  1. Congrats. to Brismod.
    Oh no, so sorry to hear about being burgled.

  2. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear you were burgled, Lesley! That happened to us while we were sleeping just before moving from Sydney, and it is such an awful feeling. Hope you and Monty are OK :( Congratulations to Brismod and thanks for the chance to enter your gorgeous giveaway. Take care, lovely ~ Txx

  3. Congrats to the lovely Brismod...a gorgeous blogger. I'm sorry to hear you were burgled...I can't imagine how devastating that would be...hopefully things have returned to normal..thanks for the chance to enter your gorgeous giveaway ...Kym X

  4. Well done Anita! Lesley very sorry to hear about the break in, it is such an awful feeling. ;-)

  5. Big congrats to Anita! What a major bummer being burgled - that's awful! What meanies.

  6. What bad luck to have someone break in and take your treasured possessions...what sort of people do this?

  7. That is terrible. I am so sorry some idiot(s) came in like that. Ugh.

    Congrats to Brismod.

  8. So sorry to hear you got burgled!!!

  9. Oh no! I can't believe your place was broken into. How awful for you guys. I kind of feel bad winning your giveaway. But I won't because it's lovely. Thanks so much and sorry for being absent...trying to minimise my online time. xx


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