Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day...and boy am I grateful!

Yes I really am grateful for so much..

Australia Day means different things to lots of different some it's a chance to fly the flag, have a BBQ and generally enjoy the day off work

For me, it's a chance to enjoy and appreciate the people around me and consider myself extremely lucky to be able to call this place home

These guys think it's a pretty good place too, especially when MONT and his mates come in after a day of fishing and they get all the left overs.

No wonder they all look so content.

Congratulations also to the 2011 Australian of the Year, Simon McKeon. A deserving recipient of the award

This is him, pictured with his wife and son...congratulations!

You can read a story about him here


  1. Great photo of a delightful day at the beach, those birds are ever so cute sitting on the shore.

  2. Happy Australia Day Lesley! Love your pelican pic :)

  3. Happy Australia Day
    Simon McKeon does appear to be a deserving recipient of the 2011 Australian of the year award


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