Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back deck table

As you know by now I definitely have a thing about WHITE! and I seem to be painting everything that gets in my way at the moment

Here's our back deck last year. Hard to see but the little slat table was all uneven. If you click on the photograph you can see a little better

I've had the table for years but the slats had bowed and buckled and it wasn't safe to put your drink on and we can't have that!

Hard to see it in this pic under and among all the "projects" I had on the deck after the weather "turned".

But I bought a sheet of MDF, MONT cut it down to size and attached it to the table, and I gave it about four coats of paint to make it waterproof.

It's much better and much more functional now, although once this top goes to God, I won't be putting MDF on it again...I think I'll get a piece of marine ply or something a little more sturdy seeing it'll be sitting outside all the time.

Still pretty happy with it though.

To everyone suffering from the devastating floods in Queensland...my thoughts are with you. I once lived in Brisbane and watched as my backyard filled with water from the swollen creek that runs past my back fence...

It's been heartbreaking watching the tragedy unfold on television and my heart goes out to everyone affected.. 


  1. I love your backyard, it is so cute! And well done on making (and painting) a new table top! Looks great

  2. Your little table looks lovely and so does your yard and deck! xx


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