Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Big Week.....

It has been a big week at Number 10...just as it's been a big week for everyone everywhere else!

Apart from Christmas and New Year, I celebrated another birthday smack bang in between the two big days. I had a lovely day and received some beautiful gifts. MONT bought me a book I'd been wanting as well as a tripod for my camera! No more wobbles for this girl, no-sir-ee.....all crystal clear from now on!

My girlfriend "G" gave me a Wedgwood plate, to match the Jasper Conran cup and saucer she gave me last year. It's glorious! ...and my Mum popped in with some beautiful roses.

Me? I shouted myself a new coat for next Winter.

I know it's a funny time to be buying coats when the temperature in Melbourne got to 41 Celsius yesterday, but I found it in our local op-shop and it's absolutely beautiful!

It's pale camel and cream pure wool and it's reversible. It'll be perfect for those cold nights at the football with's also perfect for what I hope to achieve this year. To make 2011 a minimal retail year for me. I plan to shop the closet and cupboards, make do with what I have, save a little more money and stay away (this is the hard part) from fabric stores and sewing pattern sites. More on that later though, for now, I just want to enjoy my gorgeous gifts and relax until I have to go back to work next week.

Have a happy and safe weekend


  1. Happy, happy belated birthday Lesley!! It sounds like you have had a HUGE week :D Your plate is gorgeous and I LOVE your 'new' coat!! I am planning on doing the same as you this year, regards to saving money and am going to join the Dottie Angel challenge today! Maybe we can both help keep each other on track :D Happy first day of 2011 ~ Tina xx

  2. Thanks for the kind wishes Tina, I did have a lovely, if not hectic week...but it's all good. Another birthday means another year with MONT and my critters. PERFECT!

    I just checked out Tif's wonderful! What a great challenge...let's do it!

    Happy first day to you too!

  3. Happy belated birthday Lesley. I love the plate, it is beautiful. Will you actually use it, or do you plan on displaying it somewhere?

  4. Thanks I'll use it. I've used my cup and saucer and plan to use my plate for a lazy Sunday morning breakast.

  5. Happy New Year and belated birthday. Mine is next week and I am not thrilled about having a birthday at this time of year but you seemed to have done very well with some lovely gifts. ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday! SOunds like you had a lovely day. I just LOVE that plate! I have ben lusting after some of that pattern for a while now Your riend has lovely taste :)


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