Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dottie Angel Challenge - Week 1

I've got through the first week of the retail challenge relatively unscathed. I plan to keep a little running tally on what I spend and while I won't be boring you with all the details every week, I thought I'd post about my first week just to document what I'd done and to help keep me on track.

Shopping wasn't a big priority this past week because we've had other things happening at Number 10. I've been preparing the front hallway for painting and although it's not a huge job it is fiddly with lots of corners and architrave to paint around....anyway, week one of the challenge and I spent the princely sum of $6.00

Of course there'll be weeks when I don't spend anything at all...and there'll be some when I spend a lot more than $6, but I guess it's also about THINKING about what I'm spending my hard earned on.

I got a lovely email from Tif at Dottie Angel wishing me luck through the challenge...but as she said, you still have to have fun and if you fall off the wagon, don't beat yourself up about it, just try a little harder the next time. So that's what I plan to do. Try my hardest but not get too upset if I fall off the wagon.

Righto then, it's back to painting the hallway

Image from Dottie Angel

Don't forget my little giveaway this week of the lovely creamer and sugar bowl. Just leave a comment any day this week and the winner will be drawn next Thursday (Jan 13th)


  1. It sounds like a great idea I haven't looked at Dottie Angel's blog (it's bookmarked at work) as I am on holidays but whet happens if you have to buy paint for the hallway? Is that considered ok? $6.00 is a great effort. I suppose I am doing the same at the moment as I am so broke!!

  2. Sarah, Fortunately I didn't need to buy any paint for the hallway because I had some left over from the bedroom but, if I did need any I would buy it without any qualms at all.

    I guess the way I'm handling and embracing the challenge is to try to stop the impulse and indiscriminate buying of things that, in the end, just become more "stuff" in the house.

  3. Love this idea. Not sure if I could keep it up for a year though


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