Thursday, January 6, 2011

Done and Dusted

That's it for another year.....The Christmas decorations are all packed away and the Twiggy Christmas tree has been taken down, broken up and sadly, put in the fire.

All the lights have also been put back in their boxes...

Except for these.

I made them a few years ago out of wire planters and three boxes of Arlec indoor/outdoor budlights

I put them on our small back deck to give it a bit of a lift...

...and that's right where they've stayed.

They give a lovely glow on a Summer's night and they weren't hard to make...a little labour intensive maybe, but well worth it.

Stay tuned for a giveaway this week...a lovely little item just perfect for an afternoon tea.


  1. Your ball of lights are just beautiful. I think I saw something similar on BHG and now I will use your gorgeous photos to convince WH that we need some of these hanging out the back! xx

  2. Oh yeah, I have to have me some of those lights. I just have a string of little decorative lights on my deck that go on and off with a timer.

    Great idea.

  3. I packed my tree up yesterday and now the room looks so big and bare! Your light balls are so pretty - I agree, they deserve to be left right where they are :)

  4. Lights on the deck are a must, Lesley. We always have party lights up...because you just never know when a party will be thrown! Yours look so pretty! xx Anita

  5. Thank you all! They really are easy to make...maybe I should do a little "how-to" post on them

  6. wow - love the lights, they are soooo cute!
    I was thinking of wrapping some fairy lights around my candleabra on the ceiling but I think i prefer your idea - it's like a christmassy disco ball :O)

  7. ive just found my next project - they look brilliant - i had no idea that they were made out of hanging baskets till i blew up my screen to 200% :)

  8. I love these....I might just be borrowing that idea :) ...think they look fab.
    I might wire feather butterflies in different colours on the outside and to float in the centers. x


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