Monday, November 2, 2009

The Race That Stops A City

It's Melbourne Cup Day tomorrow and the city is in quite a spin. I must admit though, I've never bought into the sales pitch that it's "the race that stops a nation". It might stop a city, or parts thereof, but a Nation? Nup.

What it does do though is give the chapeau industry a nice little kick along. Big time. Yep, the milliners absolutely love this time of year, even though they're run off their feet. The Spring Racing Carnival does a pretty nice job helping the frock industry too, not to mention the bookies and the TAB. Who said times were tough?
As far as hats go though, I quite like a little cloche.

I think they're quite classy and would be my choice for a day at the races.

This little lemon number is particularly nice.

As for me, I like the what else is new? The only grey racing in tomorrow's Cup is Newport. Haven't got a clue what it's won in the past or who's on it, but it's a gorgeous grey and that's good enough for me. '

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  1. I too love the greys - purely for their beauty! x


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