Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Busy Bee...

Phew.... busy with work, busy getting things done at Number 3, busy wondering where all the money's coming from for the work done at Number 3...and most importantly, busy thinking about Christmas and Christmas FOOD!

via Dwellings and Decor.

To calm me down though, I found this cute little room. I wish my spare room looked a little like this.

Instead, it looks more like this one! No this isn't my actual room, but it sure is close.

We're hoping this is the last week working at Number 3 and that means I can spend the weekend getting some stuff done around here.

I got the curtains all hemmed for Number 3. I decided to buy continuous curtaining and then hemmed the sides so they all looked neat and wouldn't fray.

My little sewing project was put on hold for a few days because my machine went haywire just as I was finishing the curtains, so no sewing until it's fixed. Damn thing. It's the second time it's stopped working after being at the repair shop. I wish, when people repair things for you, they actually test them for longer than 4 seconds to make sure they're all running correctly.

As for the Christmas food I've been thinking about....I've got some lovely recipes to share with you in the next day or so. Little potato pancakes, glazed ham, a great citrus stuffing, berry deserts and sensational champagne cocktails to wash it all down.

Oh so yummy, but more importantly, oh so darn easy.


  1. I love the little dressing table and suitcase - just gorgeous! Leigh

  2. Hi Lesley, thought for a moment I had read this post, but it was Amy Merrick's of the same name.(You are both very busy young ladies!) Can't wait to see the curtains go up at No.3 and also your Christmas fare....will be down in Melbourne in a matter of weeks to spend Christmas with my family....so looking forward to being with them all in your wonderful city x

  3. I usually have Christmas dinner at my house with family. I am all for yummy AND easy in the same dish.

  4. Leigh, as soon as I saw it I almost melted. It really is beautiful.

    White Dove, back to Melbourne again...it seems like just days ago you were down here braving the cold duirng the Grand Final

    Teresa, I do the whole Christmas day lunch with all the trimmings and really love it, even if it is 40 celcius. Just an excuse to have a couple of cool drinks.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your curtains and your recipes. That first picture is so pretty! Hope your sewing machine is fixed soon :)


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