Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday with Janet

Yes, Monday again and it's hot and sunny here in Melbourne...and did I say HOT!

It was a very productive weekend. MONT spent a good part of Saturday with a group of blokes who were helping out a lady who lost her husband and son in the February bushfires here in Victoria. Her husband was a sensational fella and had been at Number 10 a few times to do some plastering. He's very sadly missed by a lot of people..

Then yesterday, we spent some time at Number 3. Again. Trying to get some more things done before the floor sanding man turned up today. I can't wait to see the finished result later in the week...and yes, I will post photos. I PROMISE!

Today though, something gorgeous.

I love the work of Canadian artist, Janet Hill. I've already purchased three of her prints and when I saw these I thought, hmmmm maybe I can have these too.

They're a great idea for Christmas gifts. You can go to her Etsy store here and see what she has and order some if you like.

You won't be disappointed. I sure wasn't!


  1. How lovely of Mont and the guys to help the lady that lost her husband and son. You can only imagine how devestated she is.
    Janet's work is beautiful. I love the last photo you put on

  2. Wow first glance I thought it was you in a beautiful chemise! then I read your comments under the picture. Sorry about that!
    As for Mont and his friends....a task undertaken with much compassion for a fellow traveller in life. May she find peace and happiness ahead....

  3. Beautiful art.

    I am from Melbourne also...Melbourne, Arkansas

  4. Hi, Lesley,

    Those are gorgeous paintings. I too love art. I probably have too much hanging around.

    You know, I believe in angels in the form of people in this world. The hands and heart of a person helping another is so priceless.

    Great post, beautiful pictures and heartwarming story of people helping people.


  5. Alison, MONT's been doing a bit of work up around Kinglake and Strathewen, which were devastated by the fires. It's still so shocking in some parts. I can't go up there with him. I get too upset.

    White Dove, I wish I looked that good and had a painting done of me like that. But alas, no, it's just Janet's beautiful brush work. Gorgeous isn't it.

    Gail - welcome. I hope you stick around and make lots of comments. I think you'll like my critters too. Our two dogs were both orphans that we took in.

    Teresa, your comments are ALWAYS welcome and eagerly awaited.


  6. An i heard its going to get hotter my goodness - wonder if its on its way to Sydney! x


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