Friday, November 6, 2009


"Ummm excuse me, my fence is falling down and it's taking my clothes line with doesn't look too safe to be working next to"
"Oh it's not our fault love, we're not responsible for the retaining walls that have been dug out here, we're just doing the plumbing work."
"Well, it doesn't look too stable leaning over that way."
"Yeah, well, maybe we can get the grader over there and prop it up a bit."
"Yes, but that doesn't help, because there's no dirt around the fence posts which are just floating in the wind."
"Well, maybe I'll just push it back then tie a rope around one of the posts and secure it to your tree so it doesn't fall any further....oh, you got any rope?"

Yep, that's the way the conversation went with one of the "plumbers" working on the site behind Number 3 yesterday.

As you can imagine, I wasn't favourably impressed

A new house is to be built behind Number 3 and they've dug retaining walls along our common boundary, which means there's no soil left to hold the fence posts up. It also means my block of land is now a little higher above sea level than my neighbour's.

So I went inside, and called the local council's building department and was given the name and number of the surveyor for the job and told to give him a call.

Long story short...After numerous calls back and fro to council and surveyors I realised that no-one appears to be accountable anymore.

I finally called the company responsible for building the house and expressed my safety concerns as well as the fact that I didn't want to lose my clothes line. I was told they'd get in touch with the person responsible and get back to me.

She did....and told me the person responsible would check out the job and see what could be done.
Haven't heard anything else as yet

It certainly was an interesting day at Number 3. Frustrating but interesting.

Anyway, the internal painting's finished and it looks really good and I measured up for the blinds and curtains that I have to replace. I also gave the bathroom a good scrub and it's looking a lot brighter and shinier than it was before I took to it with the Jiff, Domestos and the scrubbing brush. Amazing what a bit of bleach and elbow grease can do. Pity the previous tenant didn't think of that. There really is nothing more gross than cleaning debris from basin and bath plugholes and finding stuff the person responsible for the muck left there, should've cleaned before she left. Eeeww.

Glad I had extra heavy duty rubber gloves with me..


  1. I think you are teasing us, with no pictures of the inside?? It's almost like Christmas - the anticipation.

    P.S. That stinks about the fence, and that you are not getting any answers. -Teresa

  2. I know how you feel about other peoples debris...nothing like black pubes in the shower when only blondes? are living there....been there done that! for the main reason for your're quite right, no one seems to care anymore and as for getting back....forget it. My daughter (the elder) once called a first time plumber back and he was immediately on the defensive...she just wanted to thank him for the great job and for cleaning up all the mess afterwards...he was in shock....and I might add he's still her plumber. Good luck!

  3. Sorry Teresa, no photos just yet. I was waiting till the floors were done to get a better idea of how it's looking. It's still pretty messy.

    White Dove, there's nothing worse than someone else's "guff" left behind. It really is gross.

  4. Hi Melb.Girl, I followed your link from the OpShop blog. There is one very effective way to deal with ALL the people involved with your fence debacle: A letter to all parties, giving them seven days to sort it out or else you will go to Consumer Affairs, A Current Affair, The Herald Sun, not to mention your solicitor. The letter should be short and to the point - the same draft to each person, with CC at the bottom to show how many people are receiving it. Councils and tradesmen HATE the spotlight from tv. shows like Current Affair, and will do anything to avoid it! I've done this a few times and it has worked every time - good luck!
    Gina (also a Melbourne girl)

  5. Yeh I'm looking forward to some pics too!!
    Mmmm... I definitely like Gina E's suggestion to get the fence fixed.

  6. Unfortunately, fence is way past being fixed now. It had fallen even further when we saw it on a new one is on the cards. Pity. It was old but still had some life in it. The new house should be interesting once it's built


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