Thursday, November 12, 2009

World's Best Practice

I paid a flying visit to Number 3 today to drop some things off and check out my gorgeous new kitchen and bathroom floors....

... and also to see if my back fence was still standing...and this is what I was confronted with. A nice big pink bow of netting of some sort, tied around one fence post then wrapped around my tree, which I might add, has been pruned in a rather unattractive, lopsided way.

Yep, it's state of the art bow tying isn't it? Where are the Occupational Health and Safety Inspectors when you need them?

But on a brighter note.....

This is my new bathroom floor...and new bathroom. It still needs an architrave around the door into the toilet and the shower screen has to be re-attached. But it's looking mighty fine.

Then, there's the kitchen. This is what it looks like now....ignore the dusty footprints, which are mine.

Remember how the floor used to look? Awful huh?

But now it's bright and shiny and very clean...except for those footprints.

Carpet gets laid next week, I'll put the curtains and blinds up...and...Bob's your uncle.


  1. Well done Lesley....unbelieveable !!!!

  2. Thank you for the pictures. That does it. I am closing up my house here in the US, #36, and moving into #3 there. You didn't have other plans for it did you?

    What a great job you all are doing.

  3. Thank you everyone. I'm really pleased with the way the floors have been revived. They turned out much better than I thought.

    Still some work to do, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, and it isn't the 5.36 express heading towards me.

    Teresa, the keys are ready whenever you want to pick them up.

    More pics next week after the carpet is laid, timber venetians and curtains put up and I've cleaned up a bit

  4. Lesley it is looking fabulous.
    Look forward to more pics.


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