Sunday, November 22, 2009

Before and After - Bathroom & Family Room

Some more before and afters today, this time the little bathroom at Number 3 and the Family Room. There was a lot to do in the bathroom as there were problems with the plumbing, which led to water problems with the floor, timber frame, plaster and tiles.

Thankfully, the terrific plumber was able to get everything right and it was then up to MONT to hang new plaster, and tile the walls to make them waterproof.

As you can see, leaking water had really caused major problems with the wall beside the bath/shower.

Now it's all waterproof...

...and tiled.

...and grouted.

This is the view from the kitchen through to the bathroom. I couldn't get in there to take a photo as I'd just painted the floor to the back entry and it was still wet. The only difference is there's a shower screen and an architrave around the doorway into the loo.

This is the family room.

It was pretty good and only needed a freshen up with a coat of paint and some new window coverings as the drapes were sun damaged and had to go. I decided on timber venetians because I found some on sale at half price. YEY!

MONT installed them....

... and they look absolutely fantastic! MONT isn't a lover of timber venetians, but even he was impressed with the way they made the room look.

It was then up to me to sweep, vacuum and wash the brick floor and I have to say it did look terrific.


  1. WOW! Where do I start. I like your wood trim; I like your wood floors. And I don't want to seem stupid, but what is a "architrave"? I know what a loo is, so I hope I get points for that. :) I love the floor length window and the venetian blind. But one of my favorites is the brick floor. I've never seen a brick floor inside before. That is sooo beatiful and I want one...RIGHT NOW. :)

    I hope you guys are proud of yourselves. Your renovations are incredible. Tell Mont, congrats too on job well done.


  2. Lesley (& Mont)....what can I say. What I CAN say is that you will have no trouble finding a fact they'll be beating down your agent's door in their hundreds!. Hope it's a good little money earner after all your hard work!

  3. Thank you both, it's really satisfying seeing all the work pay off. I'm so so glad it's finished though and so is MONT. He's "over it"

    Teresa, an architrave is what we call the wooden frame that goes around a doorway and covers all the rough plaster edges.

    The first and only time I saw a brick floor was when I was still at school. I visited a farmhouse that belonged to relatives of some friends and they had one in their kitchn and living areas. I thought it was wonderful and always promised myself I'd have one just like it one day. It can be a bit cold, but oh boy, is it easy to maintain

  4. Lesley, WD is right they will be beating down your door. But once you get a tenant, they won't want to leave.

    Can you hear my mind racing on where to put a brick floor. The only room I have that is on the ground (does that matter?) is my screened in porch. OH YEAH! Gotta find a way to do it.

    Sorry I commented twice.

  5. Well done, what a great achievement.

  6. Wow - the bathrom transformation is amazing - it's come up beautifully. Great job!

  7. OMG it is looking sensational. You are both doing a fantastic job on the remodel

  8. Hey, Lesley, Pop over to my blog. I am sharing an award with you, because your blog is so entertaining.


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