Monday, November 30, 2009


OK. Well I promised you a really good giveaway and I'm not one to welch on a promise!

Last week, I got an email from Maree at a lighting company wanting to know if I'd be interested in having one of their products as a giveaway to one of the visitors to Number 10.

Would I? What a question.

I checked out the website and the types of indoor and outdoor lighting they had, and it looked pretty good.

Anyway, Maree has offered a lucky Number 10 visitor a $70 gift voucher to spend on lighting at Buyster...

All you have to do is leave a comment and I'll draw your name out of my little jar next week

Now, I've never dealt with this company before, nor has MONT...but while we were looking through their product range we noticed they had the same lights that we put on our front gates...

...and according to MONT, they were a really good price. If you click on the photo you'll get a better close-up view.

Unfortunately, this giveaway is only available for Australian readers as Buyster only delivers in OZ. Sorry 'bout that.

So....get commenting girls... a gift voucher's at stake here.


  1. How exciting!! Count me in. We're in the middle of deciding on lighting for our newly done up patio.

  2. Great giveaway - count me in. Would love some great new lighting. The lights you put on the gate look fabulous.

  3. Well you know I'm into the lighting this month Lesley! What a cool website! Mmmmmmm I spy some spot lights that would be perfect in my kitchen!

  4. Lesley...I know someone in Melbourne who would love to have some great lighting.....if I were lucky in the draw, could I pass it on ?

  5. That's ok, I'll comment anyway. I love the way the lights illuminate your gate. That's very pretty.

    If only I lived in OZ.



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