Friday, November 27, 2009

Send Her Down Huey ! !

Oh, you did.

I was working away at the computer yesterday, minding my own business, when everything went a little dim. The clouds had rolled in, bringing with them the thunder and the lightning and the wet stuff.

The dogs then joined me in the study, looking at me with questioning faces, not knowing what the noise was and what the stuff falling from the sky was. They have short memories.

Then, it came down in buckets. Our rain gauge showed 30ml of rain had fallen, or an inch in the old language, in just half an hour.

It came from the North and it hit hard. It was so hard that it came right onto the back deck where I have that old chest of drawers that I'm preparing to paint and restore.
Guess it'll have to wait a little while till it dries out.

We've had a very wet November here in Melbourne, which is such good news. I just hope we have a very wet and cool December too.

By the way, I'm going to have a great and very useful giveaway next week. I received an email from a company yesterday, offering one of my lovely Number 10 visitors a gift

Details next week...


  1. I love a good spring shower. Love that first photo. Also love your porch - can imagine sitting out there with a cuppa watching all that lovely rain! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Watched all the comments re the rain from my Melbourne friends and family on FaceBook....all very similar to yours. You certainly got a drenching. Older daughter said Merri Creek was running a the rapids x

  3. Wow that is some rain. Don't you just love the smell of rain in the long as it doesn't last 7 days it did here last month. Is it spring or summer there? It's late fall here.

  4. Yes, Teresa, it's late Spring here. We hit Summer on December 1st. We're all hoping it's going to be a very wet and cool Summer. Fingers crosed!

  5. Hi:)
    You really have a gorgeous blog, and i really love Melbourne:)
    Here in Norway it is cold at the moment, the best thing i saw during my trip to Melbourne had to have been Victoria Market:)
    Have a wonderful day, SoulPrincess

  6. Thank you Princess. Glad you like what you see. Victoria Market is pretty special, not to mention other shopping hot spots around Melbourne.
    Hope you drop by regularly.

  7. The rain was amazing I think we ended up with 90ml in our rain gauge!! Fabulous for our gardens and water storage

  8. Rose, I couldn't believe it either. It was amazing to watch

    Alison, I could hear the garden sucking all that water right in...and it looks so green and lush. It's amazing what a downpour like that does to the violets and hydrangeas


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