Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mums and Bubs

I love this time of year. It's a time when there's a lot of new life in the garden. Plants have well and truly "greened up" and there are lot's of new babies around.

We've had the sounds of magpies warbling and their babies making their funny calling sounds

We've also had baby doves being taught how to fly, some more successful than others....and then there are the wattle birds.

This baby was being tutored by it's Mum last night. She was coming and going, making sure she had plenty of food for him/her and making encouraging moves to get it to move out of it's safety zone in the fig tree and fly.

It must've worked because this baby was happily flitting from branch to branch, then was into the wild blue yonder.


  1. First, I thought, boy, she's messed up, it's not spring! Then I remembered where you live.

    Beautiful shots.

  2. I know Gail. It can get confusing sometimes. I do some work for a company in New York occasionally, and we all get confused with time differences and what day it is here and there etc.

    Makes life intersting though and keeps us on our toes.

  3. How lovely! It's such a nice time of year isn't it. We often have doves nesting in the star jasmine on our patio and it's so nice to watch the mother's with the babies.


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