Friday, September 18, 2009


We have a half acre block at Kinglake, which was one of the small communities devastated by the February 7 bushfires in Victoria.

It only had a small shed on it and a lot of trees, so we didn't lose anything of any value. Not like many other families who lost everything.

MONT took these photographs on one of his many trips to Kinglake to see what needed to be cleared from the block. There were a lot of burnt and dangerous trees that needed to come down

This is the view from our block to the neighbours, whose home was destroyed. In fact all houses along our road were razed.

All of the large trees have now been cut down so they wouldn't cause any problems for the neighbours who are going to rebuild.

The job now is to cut them all up and clear the block so we can start again.

Total devastation.

Black, as far as the eye can see.


  1. I just saw a comment you left on Traci's blog - Cottage with the red door and saw you were called Melbourne Girl so thought I'd see if you were an Aussie too.
    Such devastation in Kinglake. We can only hope that things work out for those that have lost so much.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Alison, great to know you're not far away.

    Just saw your Blog too. Sensational photographs. Really great.

  3. We were all shocked at the news reals that were coming out and could only pray for it to end, and for all to be safe. Your photos are a reminder of who is precious in all our lives. Mother nature has an amazing gift to breath new life back into her land. Wishing your community a bright future. From home sick Aussies in London. x

  4. Thanks Karen... there were some amazing stories of survival from some of our friends in Strathewen, Kangaroo Ground and Kinglake...unfortunately though, some of our friends didn't make it. Mother Nature can be a tough task master


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