Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Howdy Neighbour

I have a confession to make.

I like living in the suburbs and I like our neighbours.

Suburban life is not for everyone, it can be fraught with danger and cause untold damage, especially to your liver, depending on what your neighbour's like to drink. Some people like the inner city life with cafes, restaurants and tram stops right at their front gate, some prefer an apartment or flat with no garden to worry about, while others prefer a more rural lifestyle, with an acre or two separating them from their neighbours. Some don't want to know any of their neighbours at all.

Me though...well, while I like my peace and quiet and the idea of having a few acres around me, I really like our quarter acre block....and yes, I like socialising with our neighbours.

A couple of weekends ago we had all the neighbours over for a casserole night. There were 18 people here including kids. Everyone brought a pot of food and a bottle of wine and we had a terrific night.

That's a thing I like about can always get to know your neighbours

I can't handle living in a "box" with no garden or outdoor area. I like the idea of being able to walk out the door and still be in my own living, green world. I especially like it of a night when the lights are illuminating the silver birches.
There's something about "living, green, space" that makes me feel wherever I am is home

Even when I was working interstate some years ago, (last century aggghhh) the criteria when looking for somewhere to live, was to find something with a yard or garden. It wasn't just for me though, it was for the critters who travelled with me all over the place...and I always got to know my neighbours.

All I can say now is, bring on Summer, because once I break out the champagne cocktails on a warm Summer evening, there'll be no stopping us.

Yep, suburban life is pretty darn good.

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