Saturday, September 19, 2009

Take 2

OK, so my girlfriend "G" and I didn't get to do our coffee/lunch/shop wandering thing last weekend because she woke up with a shocking migraine and stayed in bed most of the day. Poor thing.

So it's on today and we'll hit the shops with a vengeance!

Last night, MONT and I went to the football to watch his team, The Western Bulldogs, get beaten in the AFL Preliminary Final by St.Kilda. They played pretty well, but kicked too many points instead of goals. So, it's curtains until next season.

Tonight, my team, Geelong will take on Collingwood in the second preliminary final for a place in the Grand Final next Saturday. Go Cats!

Also last weekend, I didn't start on the re-organisation of the sewing room. I was, kind of otherwise engaged, on the comfy seat in the loungeroom with a cross-stitch birth sampler that has to be done for a Christening early next month. I always leave things to the last minute.

Here's a nice photo though of a sewing room that someone's put's missing something though. It's missing the "used look" To me, it looks like a sewing room that's never been "sewn in". It's too ordered and neat and well, stark. It's very nice and all....and you'd be able to find everything as you need it, but it's not how I work. Then again, maybe that's my problem? Too messy and no order.

Yep, sounds like me

Wherever you are and whatever you end up doing, have a great weekend!


  1. I was cheering for the Bulldogs , such a shame. Don't like the Saints at all. Good Luck to Geelong tonight but my husband goes for the Pies!! After last week there is no way they'd have the energy to beat the cats tonight.
    Hope you had fun shopping.
    That sewing room is definitely for looks - not working in. You have to have chaos to create!!LOL

  2. Thanks Alison, yep shopping was fun, lunch lovely, coffee great! It was a terrific day, topped off by a terrific night. Now to the Grand Final. Hope it's a great game!


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