Thursday, September 17, 2009

Natures' Jewels

It's a bit damp under foot today in Melbourne...drizzly in fact.

But it's making the silver birches in the front yard look like they're adorned with small crystals

It looks quite beautiful now that the trees are starting to "green up"

We've got 5 Silver Birches in a little copse in the front yard and it's funny how they start budding and leafing up at different times. One of the trees is almost all green, another is barely showing any leafy stuff.

We got our water bill today and it was a bit of a surprise. We Melbournians are being encouraged to use just 155 litres of water, per person per household a day...that's for showering and washing etc. and today was the first time our water bill's shown that we're under that amount.

We're definitely not water wasters. We have 3 water tanks for goodness sake. So I'm not really sure why we've been over the limit (not much over mind you) for all this time and now we're under.

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