Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glass Art

I picked these up at a store a few weeks back and MONT hung them for me in the loungeroom.

They're a sort of frosted glass with French images painted on them

At least that's what I was told they were. Whatever, I like them and they fit in perfectly above the small, skinny table.

Right, well it's Grand Final day and my team's playing. While I hope they win, whatever the outcome, I'm happy they made it to today.


  1. They are very pretty and look really nice in that spot.

  2. Lesley they are so cute. Btw I love your house!

  3. Lesley those are beautiful. Not something you would find everyday! Traci

  4. Hi Rose, JW and Traci...thanks for stopping by....I really loved them when I saw them and snapped them up quick smart.
    Rose, not sure if you've ever tried Oswald Sealy down in Johnston Street Fitzroy? Fab place. Worth a look and the prices are pretty good too.

  5. Oh well I need to take a wonder down there me thinks!


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