Friday, September 25, 2009

Prada on the Catwalk

I love fashion and catwalk shows. I've never been one for labels, but designers' parades can give you some great ideas....sometimes it can be like watching movable art. Sometimes, not so much.

These are from Prada's Ready to Wear Spring collection and I do like these tops.

I really like the fabric in this outfit....greys and creams, of course. Not sure I'd be comfy walking down the street in my undies though

I love a bit of bling. When "G" and I are shopping we always stop in our tracks as soon as we see a bit of "bright and shiny"

Ahhhh... gotta love a trapeze top. It hides all manner of little sins. The shorts though...not for my chunky legs.

More bling and more shorts, bermuda I think.

...and ummm... more undies...the top is nice though.

Now, is it just me and my more traditional tastes (read: old fashioned) or does the trend of not hemming things becoming more prevalent? Is it lazy, fashionable, trendy...what? I don't get it, but then, I'm probably not the best person to consult on the most fashionable way of doing things...Let's face it, I'm still looking back at fashion from the 1970's thinking it's still "in"

All images taken from Womens Wear Daily.

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