Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's the weekend and I'm sure glad it is!

I'm off to meet my girlfriend "G" to have a coffee, lunch and a wander around some shops...and of course a very large chat about our respective weeks.

She's been working extremely long, hard hours. Me? Not so much. But I still get tired towards the end of my working week and it's nice to catch up over some nice food and a really good coffee.

This is Concha's sewing room.

What I'll be doing tomorrow though, is trying to get my sewing room looking something like this.

Who am I kidding? It will NEVER look anything even remotely like this. I am much too messy...but it's nice to dream that I might get organised one day

I won't post any before pictures of my sewing room. I'm not nasty enough to do that to you. I don't think you'd ever recover from that sight.

Have a great and safe weekend


  1. Yep, it sure is Journaling Woman. Unfortunately it aint mine. It doesn't even come close to looking like mine. Mine is a little more, how shall I say, involved. You have to step over things before you can actually reach the sewing machine.

  2. Lovely sewing room, great display idea with the white frames and colourful fabrics. Have fun with you tidy up, Cavania London

  3. At least you have a room. I have these empty bedrooms in my house, and yet my sewing is put away in my laundry room and comes out in pieces to my dining room table. Hmmm, perhaps I would sew more if I made a room. YOU have made me think on a great idea. Yes You.

  4. Oh I didnt know you sewed? What do you like making Lesley? Are you a crafter?


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