Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning and housework are NOT my strong points. No.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and my strengths do not lean towards spending time behind a vacuum cleaner or broom. I'm much better at a general tidy up than a good cleaning session. I like things neat and tidy. I like things put away, but as far as polishing and dusting go.

Forget it.

Until we got this girl, I could go a full 2 or 3 weeks before I had to break out the vac. But now, it comes out a lot more frequently, because she sheds. I always find her discarded fur under the sofa and chairs...sometimes it looks like a scene out of an old western...with dust bunnies blowing through the house like a lot of tumbleweeds rolling through the desert.

Dear husband says what I should do is open the front and back doors and he'll get this contraption ...and just turn it on and watch everything move from one end of the house to the other...not a bad way to do a cleanout.

This week though I am going to attempt a mini Spring Clean. A good vac, a dust and a cleanout of the study, which is looking more like the drop off point of a paper recycling plant than a fully functional office.

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  1. Dropping by again to let you know I have one of those blower things your husband mentioned, ostensibly for use around the patios etc, but one day I took it inside and it's amazing how it blew the dust from out behind everywhere! got such a shock I've never done it again. I thought my house was reasonably CLEAN!


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