Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Pattern is Forming

Yes, I'm still on a grey theme. Can't help myself. This time though it's not gorgeous, floaty, dove grey fabric, transformed into beautiful gowns. It's rooms.
This bedroom's pretty special. It has just about everything I could ever need or want. I especially love the little fire place and the soft grey wallpaper...not to mention that beautiful dress hanging up. Lovely.

This room's rather nice too......

...as is this one.

Then there's this dining room. It's a little more formal than what I'm used to here at Number 10, and I don't think the chairs would stay white for very long, what with the animal kingdom around here...but they're nice to look at.


  1. Loving the grey. That dining room is beautiful. With white as the backdrop the grey looks fabulous

  2. I'm hoping we'll be able to finish renovating our bedroom later this year or early next year. I'm thinking of a pale grey feature wall behind the bed...with antique white USA on the other walls..might be OK.


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