Monday, September 14, 2009

Dangers in Suburbia

Our backyard's been the scene of a lot of violence this past weekend...there's been a lot of cracking and popping and shooting going on, in fact the backyard has sounded like a shooting gallery.

But it hasn't been coming from a's been from these culprits.

Wisteria's may look innocent, but don't turn your back on them at this time of year or you'll regret it

This Wisteria's growing along the side of the carport. It's a gorgeous thing but it's also very sly and strikes at any chance it gets. I've been shot in the head on more than one occasion by the seed pods bursting open in the sunshine and propelling their brownish black, button like projectiles across the yard and straight into my noggin.

On Saturday, the temperature here got to 30 degrees and the popping pods made it sound like cracker night

The end result's pretty darn good, but the journey can be painful.


  1. I am wondering if any of your birds there like those seeds or pods? -TJ

  2. Not that I have seen TJ...the seeds are very very hard. The dog likes the pods though. She tends to bring one in every now and then as a small gift for us....not before she has a chew on it though

    Such a kind girl.


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