Monday, September 7, 2009

Football in September

Life at Number 10 can sometimes get a bit testy at this time of year...because not only is September the first month of Spring here in beautiful Melbourne, it's also the beginning of football finals.


Yes, the days and nights are gradually getting warmer....but Melbourne in September takes on another life. One filled with colours of the competing teams and good hearted banter with work colleagues and neighbours.

...and things can get a bit testy because my team, The Geelong Cats, and MONT's (Man Of Number 10) team, The Western Bulldogs, are in the finals this year

Geelong won the Grand final in 2007 and were runners up last year

Now, for those of you who don't know anything about Aussie Rules Football, think of the Grand Final here as Australia's version of the "Super Bowl" or The World Series".

The MCG holds around 100,000 people, and each year it is full to capacity with footy fans attending the Grand Final. If the ground held twice that many, it would still be full.

That's a lot of bums on seats...and mine will be adding to the total this coming weekend when MONT and I head to the "G" to watch his team

Yes, while I barrack for the Cats I still go along to cheer on his side, except when they play mine...then it can get a little, how do you say.... difficult.

Carn the Cats.


  1. Great topical....
    I will be down in Melb for the GF (not at the GF)....although I doubt whether my daughter's team will make it. She follows the most despised team in Melb (Collingwood) which still has a fighting chance even after yesterday's efforts. My other daughter's team (The Demons) are well out of it having had another horreddous year. "Their time will come " she says.

    And what great photos....I'm almost there.

  2. Hi White Dove....Well, if the Bulldogs get into the Grand Final, I will be there. My husband is a member and joined me we'll be able to get tickets. Although you know, when you can't determine what seat you get at the MCG you can sometimes end up in the clouds, so watching it on TV isn't so bad.

    Collingwood still has a chance. Our neighbour is a big "pies" fan and has his fingers crossed too that they get through.


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