Friday, October 23, 2009

19 Again

UK Fashion magazine "19" was a bit of a trendsetter in the 70's methinks.

Look at these outfits.

Jeans, printed t-shirts, bucket hats and old army style shorts....they were my favourite

In fact I went to one of the army disposal stores back in the 70's and got myself a pair of khaki shorts after seeing this image.

I already had the plastic sandals, were they called jelly sandals? and I had the I was set. I eventually bought myself one of those army shoulder bags too. Yeah, I was really "with it"

Have a great weekend and just "chill out". I will be.


  1. I'd forgotten about the old 19 mag Lesley - it was a ripper! Oh & do you do remember Go Set - now there's a blast from the past.
    Millie ^_^

  2. Millie, do I remember GO-Set?!

    I had all my old copies stored under my Dad's house and my Mum sold them off with a bunch of old newspapers when my Dad died.

    I cried for ages.


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