Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Little Splurge

See this baby? Well, she's all mine. Yep, it's a she.
It's the Ryobi 250 watt orbital sander and I bought her today. My old Black & Decker died ages ago and I'd used MONT's a couple of times, but it's not the same as having your own power tools. It's just not.

It's been a bit of a crazy day for me today and I'm glad it's nearing wine-o'clock.

I had work this morning, then.....

Hair cut - check
Shopping - check
Pay bills - check
Book carpet bloke for Number 3 - check
Pay more bills - check
Book floor sanding bloke for Number 3 - check
Buy extra tiles for Number 3 - check
Get myself a little power toy - oh yeah check

I can see some furniture tweaking coming on this weekend.

Where's that bottle?


  1. What a very busy day you have had!

  2. Big Boys' Toys....Very Impressed !

  3. Whaaaat? Are you my sister from a different mister?? I love love love power tools. I have a sander, jigsaw, drill (of course)and a circular saw (I confess I haven't tried yet- love my fingers too much). oh, oh and my dad put together a toolbox for me.

    Thanks now I can come out of the closet as a woman who loves tools.

  4. She is very cute and clever too.....xv

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies...

    The new addition to Number 10 will be getting a workout this weekend. I'm going to tackle that old chest of drawers and try to find some crystal knobs for her.

    JW, move right out of the closet quick smart.

    I've always loved power tools and tool sets. My original sander was a gift from my Mum for my birthday one year. She also gave me a drill and other bits and pieces and I have a screwdriver and plier and wrench set. Luv'em

  6. Don't you mean Chester Drawers? And put a little Midwest USA drawl with it. :)))

  7. waa haa....that's right...forgot about ol' chester...thanks Mr Dillon

  8. This makes my old sander look very sad - maybe it's time for something shiny and new like this little darling. Leigh

  9. Leigh, it's definitely time! Jobs that require tools wait for no woman...I love my power tools


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