Monday, October 12, 2009

Number 3 Progress Report - Lounge

The boys worked really hard last week and got heaps done at Number 3...and they'll be back there again this week trying to get it finished.

This is the old fireplace that had crumbling bricks behind it...hence all the cracks and water damage to the plaster

So it's now been framed up to have a new wall around it so the new gas heater will fit in just right and there'll be no water getting in and making it all damp and terrible.

Pretty awful huh?

But it's all looking very promising now and once it's plastered and some new cornice attached, it'll be perfect. Again. Sort of.

Well, as perfect as a 153 year old cottage can be I guess.

Some more progress photos tomorrow. See you then


  1. A big undertaking but well worth it by the looks !

  2. Oh and I forgot to your new blog heading!

  3. They have been busy. Look forward to seeing more photos.

  4. Talk about a redo. Can't wait to see more. Have a great day.

  5. White Dove, thank you...I thought I'd add a bit of colour to greet you each time you visit and the perfect hue was sitting right on my back deck.

    JW, Alison...stick around, you aint seen nuthin yet!


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