Friday, October 2, 2009

You Asked for it Alison

I love a bargain, in fact my friend "G" says I'm the "go to" girl if she's ever trying to find something at a good price....Fabric and all things sewing related are no exception.

I love the hunt for something that stops me in my tracks and I've hunted through a lot of remnant bins and tables and rolls of fabric in my time.

Here are some of my favourite shops to find a fabric bargain

GJ's Discount Fabrics in Lygon Street Brunswick is a magnificent shop. The girls really know their stuff and you'd be hard pressed not to find something here that doesn't take your fancy.

Brunswick Fabrics in Sydney Road is also a treasure trove of bargains. You can pick up fabric at $2 a metre here. They had cashmere blend coating for a ridiculous price in great colours too. Good Stuff. Nearby is Hanh Fabrics, just a couple of shops along ...and Unique Fabrics, just across the road.

Rathdowne Remnants has been around for yonks and it's still terrific, although it has moved a few times. Still well worth a look.

...and my all time favourite is not a discount outlet at all, but it is beautiful and well worth a visit. The Cloth Shop in East Ivanhoe has a wonderful selection of gorgeous fabrics and the girls who work there are all sewers and really know their stuff. I often drop in on my way home from work just for a browse and some inspiration. They often have garments made up and displayed around the store. Gorgeous.

There's also the Remnant Warehouse at 10 Cato Street Prahran, (Ph:9510 1121) but I haven't been there for some time so I'm not sure how their stock is at the moment.

...and there's Darn Cheap Fabrics in Burgundy Street Heidelberg and Glen Huntly Road, Glen Huntly

You'll notice that all of these stores are situated on the north east side of town, so I'd be very interested in knowing if there are any others in other areas.

So happy shopping .... hope you find a bargain. If you know of great discount stores that we might all be interested in, let us know.


  1. So many amazing fabrics! How wonderful!

  2. Oh wow... I know where I am going to on my way to my sisters in Epping. So many wonderful places, makes the visit from Mt Martha to Epping even more worthwhile!!

  3. I never knew about The Cloth Shop before!

  4. Rose, if you're a sewer, The Cloth Shop is a great place for inspiration and fabric of course. The girls in there are terrific! ...and they don't mind you coming in for browse, a chat or some advice. Great stuff!

  5. I lived in that neck of the woods many years ago so I know the streets , didn't know there were so many material shops around though ecpecially the one in East Ivanhoe.


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