Thursday, October 1, 2009

Taking Me Back to the 70's

This is again from "19", circa 1974...ahh those were the days. Yes even after all these years I still love this stuff.

Even back then I loved being able to sew...and these Magazines gave me inspiration.. I also loved being able to buy a dress pattern for just a dollar or 2, some fabric for not much more (I still do now) and throw a dress together....the patterns are a little more expensive now, but only just, if you know where to shop.

If you like Vogue, Butterick or McCalls patterns and you want to get the latest designs before they make it to our shores, then you can buy online here .

The thing to do though is register with them, then wait for the specials to be emailed to you, that way you can buy a Vogue pattern that may cost you $20 or so dollars here...for just $5 or $6. Remember to factor in the exchange rate too.

I've been buying patterns this way for ages now...McCalls also send you the latest designs for each season...and if you wait a week or two, you can pick them up at a discounted price.

Now for the fabric...if you like to wander through fabric stores and get a few bargains...and you live in Melbourne, I've got some great store locations for you...stand by

Happy shopping...and happy sewing.

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  1. I look forward to hearing where the fabric stores are!!


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