Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Bygone Era

I got an email today from Vogue Patterns notifying me they have a special deal on. It's a one day sale where all Vogue Patterns are $6.75 US$. With the exchange rate the way it is at the moment, that's a pretty good deal seeing they can cost in excess of $20 here.

Earlier in the day though I was trying to find a pattern from the 1970's...and came across these gorgeous designs from the 1950's and '60's.

Oh to have a waist this tiny.

Then there are these two. They're in the current Vogue catalogue and look pretty good too.

I'm told these sorts of designs can hide a multitude of sins. I wonder if that's really the case.


  1. The saying....everything old is new again, is just so true at the moment. I look in the shops and I'm shocked to see dresses I wore in my 30-40"s now being offered as fashionable! To make matters worse, all my beautiful patterns which I could have passed on to my daughters were tossed out in a garage sale 5 years ago. Why wasn't I told they'd be back in fashion in a few years ! (Not that my daughters would have the TIME to make a dress, even if they wanted to... Life is just so hectic !)

  2. I KNOW!! It's amazing isn't it? That's why I don't discard any of my old patterns. In fact, my motto now is never throw anything out because in the past I've discarded shoes and dresses and jeans and regretted it later.. It annoys the heck out of MONT, but I tell him it's the way I'm wired because I got the "hoarding" gene from my dad. He should be thankful I'm not collecting the stuff my dad did when he was alive...Then we'd all be in very. deep. trouble!

  3. Now aren't those full skirts and beautiful necklines just divine! x

  4. Wow, these make me want to go sew a dress. Aren't they great. I agree what is old will be new again.

    I love your pulling from the past and comparing it to now.


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