Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Front Of House

Number 10 is one of those houses that, I think, will always be under construction in some way.

It's an old weatherboard that was originally very small when I purchased it in 1998. Just two bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen and bathroom, with a small lean-to at the rear that housed the laundry and toilet. Since then it's grown considerably....

It also had a very ugly green tin fence at the front...sort of roofing iron with a timber rail at the top. Not pretty. It also had an old cracked, concrete driveway, which was deteriorating each year, with tree roots lifting it and making it dangerous.

So, we decided to actually finish the front and a while back got a new fence, but we couldn't agree on what sort of driveway and path to put in. I was thinking of an asphalt drive with a second hand brick edge. MONT wasn't convinced, thinking it would be too dark. So he came up with this. Sandstone edging with a sandy coloured crushed rock in the centre. PERFECT!

It was a pretty messy job and took a few weeks to complete because we did some of the work ourselves on weekends...

We thought we'd lose a couple of our lovely Silver Birches at the front once the concrete was lifted and the new edging put down, but they're still with us, or at least four are. One has since died, but that wasn't caused by the work being done.

Finally, a front path from the gate to the front door.

...and I love it! with a capital LUV!!


  1. Mont was right. It is perfect and gorgeous. I want a "set" of those walkways. I'm just saying...if you all are ever in the states...

  2. JW, we're coming over to the US next year actually...not sure if we'll be in your area or not though.

    Rose, thank you...we're really pleased with the way it's turned out...much better than the old cracked concrete and green tin fence.

  3. The crushed rock is perfect.


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