Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grey Suede

We all have our preferences when it comes to fashion. My girlfriend "G" loves anything with a hood. As soon as she sees a hooded top or jacket, she's instantly compelled to try it on.

I'm drawn to anything with pockets. And GREY.

I didn't see anything with pockets yesterday, but I was drawn to these grey beauties.

I found them at a small shop in Heidelberg while walking to the hairdressers and had to have them.

The Taranto store has some absolutely gorgeous shoes and many are heavily discounted, as these were. I was drawn to the soft, muted colour and, while suede isn't necessarily practical for Winter, I do love them and will put them away for next year. I'll just have to get a can of water repellent to keep them looking good.


  1. L..O..V..E..the shoes. They are on my wishlist!

  2. Oh WhiteDove, they're gorgeous aren't they? I nearly walked out of the shop without them... Then regained my senses, went back in and snapped them up.
    Love grey. My favourite.

  3. Grey is such a lovely colour isnt it!

  4. Whenever I see grey I feel like Homer Simpson.... hmmmm grey.....

    It really is my favourite.

  5. I must confess I have ignored this beautiful colour previously but lately, I feel drawn to grey too :)


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