Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hunter Gatherer

MONT has two loves....and fishing is numero uno!

Every year around this time, MONT heads off on a little four day pilgrimage, a sabbatical where he connects with nature, does without all the mod cons and just spends his time sitting in his boat, trying to catch that elusive trout

He and some of his mates head north, to Lake Dartmouth which is looking pretty good this year. It's been pretty low in recent years because of the drought

The "dart'" covers an area of around 6,400 hectares. There are only a couple of areas where people are allowed to camp and you have to get to them by boat. There's no running water, hot or cold, no toilets and no power. Whatever you want you have to take with you.

What amuses me each year though is, while he's only away for four days, the preparation, planning and sorting through all his lures and sinkers and other camping equipment takes ten times that...but I think that's the same with lots of things. The anticipation, planning, packing and thinking about what you're going to do while you're away is an integral part of the trip.

In fact it's half the fun


  1. I miss having a hunter around. Oh well.

    I agree, half the fun of any event is the anticipation and preparation.

  2. MONT absolutely loves his fishing time JW. It really is his first love and he's not too bad at it either. I look forward to baked trout when he gets home. I'll post some pictures of the victims of his adventures.


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