Sunday, October 4, 2009

Come on Down.......

Thank you for commenting this week for the chance to get some of my clear shoe boxes.

Forget the random number search....I like to keep things simple and personal.

So into this small urn went your names for this week's giveaway...

...and it's "COME ON DOWN KELLIE". Your piece of err, parchment was the first to be pulled out. Kellie's blog is Ada and Darcy and I can highly recommend it...there's always something beautiful to see.
Yes, we're nothing if not scientific at Number 10. Nothing but the best here...
Congrats Kellie, email me your details at: and I'll get your boxes in the post ASAP.


  1. Rose and me your details and I'll send you some boot supports...then tell me what you think of them. I have them in black only now unfortunately. I used to have them in bright pink!


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