Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blue and Green Wedgwood

My taste in china, and just about everything else, leans towards white. Just plain white. But recently my girlfriend "G" and I were wandering through David Jones and saw these and both stopped dead in our tracks....then slowly moved towards the display.

They're by Wedgwood and were designed by Jasper Conran and they are gorgeous!

Like I said, I usually like just plain white, but the blue and green in these is just right.


  1. They're more like art than dishes. so beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful design and gorgeous colours
    Woyld look great mixed with the 'whites'

  3. I'm so, so tempted, but can't bring myself to actually hand over the cash. Especially seeing I have so darn much at home and really don't need them...but they are bewdiful.


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