Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decorations time

Do you go all out to decorate your home at Christmas?

I have to admit, I don't. But I do like a few things scattered around the place to remind me what season it is and give me a bit of Chrissy cheer.

Image from Cavania

I've been thinking about making a new wreath for the front door. I know what I want the finished effect to be, but I'm not sure how to achieve it.

I'll keep trying I guess... where'e that glue gun of mine....

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  1. Oh I cant wait to see your decorations Lesley. What Christmas style do you like? Do you have a tree?

  2. Rose, the tree will be going up this weekend. It's nothing too OTT, but I do like my white and silver decorations.

    I tend to keep it a little low key here. Nothing too tizzy

  3. I don't go all out, but this year I really want to put a tree in every gathering room. And I was wanting to hang wreaths in windows around the house. So I would really like to make a wreath like the one above. Beautiful.

  4. Nothing doing at our house this year....we're off to Melbourne to be with daughters, grandaughters and anyone else who pops by older daughters house. Jan & James always have carol singing with special friends on the Sunday night before Christmas,and often people will stop outside their home just to listen! (they are always invited in which I think is lovely). Older daughter tells me this year the theme colour is RED and the freshly cut tree will be delivered and decorated for a beautiful Christmas morning

  5. I haven't put anything up yet for christmas - this year I just don't seem to be ready or i the mood for it. I think this year it will be a 'less is more' look for us. Maybe this weekend it will be done

  6. White Dove - how lovely that they invite passer-by's inside to listen.

    I'm excited about Christmas this year with a toddler around. We have the big tree up (skipped it last year with a crawler!), a little tree in his playroom and the nativity set out.


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